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I loved , didn't agree with , and was ambivalent to all in all, making this the first Sankaku list that didn't make me gag. Highlights info row image. personer följer detta. OmVisa alla. Highlights info row image. Kontakta SankakuComplex i Messenger. Highlights info row image. Hentai/18+ RIP Kids You can find all of the images which I had used over here at Sankaku Complex and you can also supp. Nagato is a dumb cunt who thinks being emotionless is cool. D 5 Not before Kotonoha. Se alla 7 samlingar. And this is coming from a guy that was viciously cheated on. That asshead keeps winning just because his Gundam is superior to others. Karen and Shirley but no Suzaku? sankakuconplex Yeah, Kirino is the kind of girl that makes you so angry you want to fuck her hard to teach her a lesson. Makoto School Days God i never hated someone like latino hookup Top of the line body god damn it. Om du vill gå jackiesynn ett inlägg, klicka på miniatyren. QB I have serveral ways I www.deutsche to kill. The girl from Inugami. Me, I found Madoka herself far more unbearable. Seiei needs to be punched in the vagina. He makes Kyubey seem reasonable. And maybe Lucy from Elfen Lied. Or please do it. Accelerator is totally awesome character. Designen använder knappar med pilar som säger View More.

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Put Haruhi and Kirino closer to the top. And if there both up there anyway, why do people want Kallen dead more? If I had to place a character onto this list, it would be Sasuke. Still need to watch the anime adaption, but I saw a couple playthroughs of the game. Så enkelt är det! The onee-sama of the class; often being sarcastic and talks with a straight face. Never before have I seen a show where I want to brutally murder the protagonist after only 3 episodes…The last episode of School Days was satisfying XD. This reclusive boy is only relying on Trans Am to win…. I´s me, or does kirino look like the bastard daughter of trollface? I just want to fuck her…. Kill Nina Einstein if you want to. Setsuna on the list definitely is a right choice, we do not need a second Herro Yui , and sagi is too whiny. An annoying frail looking girl who always talk about how the old days were golden. He had a lot of emotional and physical issues, but otherwise he was a normal guy. He probably has tons of it too. There are no results. Yeah he killed over a thousand imoutos, but hes friggin cool. D 5 Not before Kotonoha. Beskrivning Diskussioner Kommentarer Ändringar. June 12, at Does Accelerator more sites like omegle want to kill anyone though? Denna artikel är inte kompatibel med Tabletop Simulator. Killing Kyubei is useless. They always forget the older shows.

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